Using Overdrive eBooks with Kindle

  • Go to your library’s website, and click on their link to Overdrive.
  • Select the material you’d like to take out, and make sure that the book says Kindle next to it.
  • Select add to cart. If it says add to wishlist, this means it’s checked out to another patron.
  • Once you have finished selecting books, click continue to Checkout.
  • You will then be asked for your library card number.
  • Confirm Checkout
  • Select Get for Kindle, this will bring you to an Amazon page to download the book.
  • At the Amazon page, select Get library book, which will then ask you to log into your Amazon account, and verify what Kindle the material is for.
  • Select Download. As long as your kindle, is Wifi capable, it should now be downloaded and the next time you turn it on, will download your book.
  • If you don’t have Wifi, download to your computer, plug your Kindle in, and save the file into the documents folder on the Kindle. Once you unplug it from the computer, your book will be there.


To return ebooks early

  • Go to, Log into you Amazon account
  • Scroll down to find Digital Content section, click on “Manage Your Kindle”
  • A list of all the items on your Kindle will display, find title of book in list of items on your Kindle (library books will be labeled “public library” in orange)
  • Click on the “Actions” button to the right of the item and select “Return this Book”


Follow this link for additional information about using Overdrive ebooks with your Kindle.


Download our print formatted Kindle instructions as a PDF.