West Haven Public Library 2024 Scholarship Application

Paper Application

Online Application


All applicants must:
• Graduate high school in Spring semester 2024
• Plan to further their education in Fall of 2024
• Live in West Haven as a resident.
• Write a 250-word essay about themselves and their goals on a separate sheet.
• List all academic and community activities on a separate sheet.

Your final submission packet must include:
1. Your application.
2. Your essay and school and community activities.
3. A copy of your proof of residency in West Haven.
Examples: Mail that has been postmarked and delivered to you, official state ID or passport.
4. Your most recent official school transcript.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will choose the recipients of the awards based on the quality of the completed information on the application.

Scholarship applications are due by Saturday, April 30, 2024 by 5:00pm.
Applications are found at area high school guidance departments and on the West Haven Library web page: westhavenlibrary.org